The Polecat

Time to axe the NuLab tree

Britain cannot survive another five years of hard Labour

We are now tasting the bitter fruit of the NuLab tree. The master plan designed by Blair, Mandelson and their clique was never openly revealed to the electors. It was not just a touch of “Cool Britannia”. We must divine its intentions from what it has done.

Three new European Treaties, the most recent, that of Lisbon being the scarcely disguised European Constitution, have transferred from the British people to our masters in Brussels excessive powers to rule Britain. We are no longer a self-governing state which had agreed to share some defined powers with other states. We have become little more than a satrapy of a Euro state which allows us to retain certain powers.

We were the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. We are now a disunited kingdom in danger of dismemberment into bite sized pieces to make it easier for Brussels to swallow.

Unlimited, uncontrolled immigration of peoples of differing, antipathetic, even hostile cultures (sometimes of mutually hostile cultures) is changing the very nature of our society. No longer do we enjoy the degree of homogeneity which over the last hundred years enabled us to withstand two bloody wars and a terrible economic slump.

Our legal system, organically grown over a millennium and more, the model for many around the world, is being suppressed, suborned and smothered by an alien code imposed by Brussels and undermined by calls for a rival, antipathetic legal jurisdiction. And as surely as a state without a treasury and currency of its own is scarcely sovereign, so one without control of its legal and judicial system and with rival systems in use is no longer a single sovereign jurisdiction.

All our great institutions have been damaged. Parliament no longer makes the laws by which we live. The shabby expenses scandal has undermined the confidence of the electors in the democratic system itself.

Our streets are no longer safe. Criminals scoff at the law. All too often victims of crime are less well treated than the criminals.

Under NuLab social mobility has declined. Institutionalised welfare funded poverty is increasing. The bottom rungs of the socio-economic ladder have been removed.

Education is now less about the transmission of knowledge from one generation to the next and more about the propagandising of NuLab social values. The teaching of the facts of history is being replaced by the teaching of dogmatic, politically correct interpretation of historical events. Illiteracy and innumeracy are increasing; the teaching of science and languages is in decline.

The secure public finances inherited by NuLab in 1997 have been plundered to finance a vast expansion of welfare dependency and public sector employment.

Taxation has been increased across the board. The earnings of the working poor are taxed to pay them benefits. The proportion of GDP taken and spent by the state is back to the levels of the 1970s. The country is drowning in debt and at best NuLab holds out not the prospect of reducing debt – but of increasing it at a lower rate.

We are still paying the price for Blair’s Wars which (however much they have profited Blair) have cost us dearly not only in both blood and treasure, but in loss of influence in the world.

Being a decent man, Gordon Brown is mercifully unlike Blair, yet he is totally wrong in almost every political and economic judgement he has made. He must bear responsibility for the last thirteen years of NuLab and that alone must disqualify him from office. Beyond that, there is no prospect that either he, or any of his colleagues, have the desire, ability or courage to change course from that set by the Blair project to change irrevocably the population of these islands, its culture, judicial system, government and very identity.

If NuLab should be returned to office the damage it has done would be almost impossible to repair in five years time. Destabilising levels of immigration, the progressive surrender of powers to the Euro-Imperialists in Brussels and the deepening of national indebtedness would be such as to be almost impossible to arrest, let alone reverse.

The first task of all those who value what this nation has been and would be again is to staunch the wounds inflicted by NuLab.

There is no reasonable prospect that there will be after the election anything but either a Conservative Government, a NuLab Government or a coalition led by either the Conservatives or NuLab.

For Conservatives to work for anything but a Conservative Government is not merely unthinkable. It would be madness.

I have no doubt that for David Cameron to win the election he will have to persuade the electors that he is a Conservative – without any adjectives diluting the meaning of that word.

Once in office he and his colleagues will have no choice but to follow Conservative policies – or to fail.

This website is dedicated to helping deliver both electoral victory in May and Conservative policies in office.