Technology surrounds our kids everywhere says the author We are at an age where our children are exposed to technology practically from the time they are born. Child development experts all agree that limiting screen time is healthy for the kids’ brain development. In this limited time, it is important that the kids make the most of it so that they are both entertained and, at the same time, gain benefits that are part of their healthy development. Here are some suggestions on the best apps for kids.

Kids learn best when they are having fun because their minds are more open to new ideas. There are many apps that are both fun and educational. For example, Metamorphabets can help young children learn their alphabets through fun animations. Tinybop makes an app called The Robot Factory that provides a sandbox for kids where they can explore different designs. If your kids like science, try Toca Lab: Elements. This puts your child into a chemistry lab where he or she can mix, spin, freeze and manipulate all the elements on the periodic table. If your child likes puzzles, consider Zoombinis where the goal is to save adorable creatures through solving complex but fun puzzles.

Being on the screen does not have to mean being solitaire. There are apps that are designed for sharing. Minecraft is one such app. The child can create his own world, but he can invite others into his world as well as participate in the creation of others. Of course, it is important that guidelines be set so that sharing is only among people whom you and your child know and trust.

If you want your child to get a step up in the coding world, there are plenty of apps that are fun which can help them learn. Code Karts teaches your child how to program a race car which can zip down the raceway. This introduces your kid to the basic skills in programming. By organizing blocks, he can make the car go different directions around the track to get to the finish line. Although very simple, it uses the same logical concepts that are the foundation of more complex programming. For something really cute, try Think & Learn Code-a-pillar. Kids have fun coding a caterpillar to make him dance and do fancy tricks.

Want to encourage more reading in your young child? Try HOMER Reading: Learn To Read. The app has activities that include fun lessons in phonics, songs, drawing, and even recording their own voices. You can choose the activity for your child, and he can use the app independently by following the clear and simple instructions that are provided to the child through words and visual cues.

These are just some of the best apps for kids that you can explore. The important thing is to help your child balance his time spent on any kind of device. When you help your child develop good discipline in using technology, he will be more successful in maintaining that balance as he grows into adulthood.